Why we Are All Mass Murderers within Our Current Money System

I would like to mention the point of ‘Why we are all Mass Murderers’ with our Current Money System.

Due to accepting and allowing the existence of our Current Money System we are all collectively Mass Murderers.

So, Why are we all Mass Murderers within our Current Money System?

Because our Current Money System is Based on a Polarity Construct where some ‘Have’ and some ‘Have-Not’. Where we all participate in making the rich more rich and the poor more poor. And we all have agreed on this Money System.

As long as we keep on supporting our Current Money System simply by accepting it and allowing it to exist – we are actually the ones killing those unable to support themselves due to lack of money.

They are not just dying of ‘starvation’. They are dying because of our ignorance and lack of basic common sense and care for one another.

They are dying because we are unwilling to change. They are dying in Our name.

We are the ones putting death sentences on innocent children just so we can maintain and continue our lifestyle.

We are the ones Responsible – We are the ones that can thus make a Change.

Support an Equal Money System where all get a Basic Amount of Money to be able to support themselves – and Stop the needless dying.

An Equal Money System where those that currently Have – will still Have – but they won’t have unnecessary things that they do not actually need– because those things require others to not have.

And where the current Have-Not’s – will Have as well.

It has already been proven that there is enough food and resources to support Everyone. The only reason why one would not want to Implement an Equal Money and Support system is due to Self-Interest.

Stop the Killing, Stand for an Equal Money System.


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