Famine Caused by Excess of Food – Only in Capitalism!

When hearing about the Somalia being stricken by famine, I immediately had to think of Ethiopia’s history with famine.
Whenever something disastrous happens, whether it is a political crisis in Libya or a famine in Somalia --- I’ve learnt to ask myself: ”Who is benefiting from this situation?” – from there, all you got to do is follow the money…
First thing I did was check out what natural resource lie in Somalia, is this is usually the number one trigger for economic disruption. No surprise, Somalia has an abundance of natural resource. These resources have mostly been left untouched since half of the Somali population live a nomadic lifestyle. The usually way the fat cats go about getting what they want, is by creating a problem and them coming around has the hero’s with the solution. In economic terms, this would mean that one would destabilize a stable economy and bring a whole nation into a debt that cannot possibly be repaid. When the shit hits the fan, those who are “expecting” their money back – will go and demand that which they wanted in the first place: natural resources (= oil).
Currently the media is creating the impression as if Somalia’s famine is the cause of a drought. But when Somalia was pretty much self-sufficient – the droughts had no effect to their stability. So what changed?
The IMF came into the game, and imposed its infamous “structural adjustment” unto the nation. This “structural adjustment” means basically that if a country wants to be in the international game and get funding from the IMF, they must restrict their governmental influence and allow the private sector to take over (enforcing capitalism). The imposition of a free-market system will then disrupt a stable economy as people are no longer being supported by the government and are left at the mercy of the private corporations (if there are any at all to step in to replace what the government used to do – if there is no private sector, then the people are simply at a complete loss and left with no support whatsoever).
The economy destabilises as local farmers get no more support of the government. They can no longer afford to produce and the entire nation becomes depended on importing grains from overseas. Everyone just gets poorer, the US starts bombing the place with food-aid (created from surplus food produced in US), no-one wants to buy locally produced food because food-aid’s for free and thus the local economy keeps slopping down. The IMF and World Bank start throwing around more restrictions and other countries stop importing from Somalia - and voilĂ  = you’ve got yourself an entire country at the feet and mercy of the wealthy capitalist.

This is downright criminal – yet a logical and justified thing to do within the world of Capitalism.
It is time to wake up and see this madness for what it is … MADNESS!!!!!
Investigate the EMS (Equal Money System) and end this atrocity.

Starter Kit to Kill your Parrot

And the animal industry keeps being full of surprises.

The other day at the petstore I saw they had a new product, a starter kit for parrots!

Me and Gian had a look at the kit and could see that all things inside the package were actually the very things that are a "No go" for parrots, So later when we were back home I told Bernard about it, he commented that it made sense from a capitalistic perspective --  since the ultimate goal of any business is to maximize profit, the business benefits if its product breaks early (or die in this case) so that the same product can be resold over and over again!

While some parrots can live up to 80 years in captivity, most of them die within 5 years of purchase.

In essence they are doing the same type of sabotaging as with any other type of technology that has a limited warranty. And all of this is seen as 'logic' and 'justified' just because we've been so conditioned to the ways of capitalism.

It's time to wake up from this circus - www.equalmoney.org

Capitalism – A Deadly Disease

When I was young I always wondered why our current economic system was called ‘Capitalism”. From the vocabulary I had back then, I thought it had to do something with “the economy of cutting off heads” [from decapitating and ‘capital city’ which in Dutch would be translated as ‘Head City’]. This first impression of the word has never really left me – and 10 years later I find that I was not far away from the truth.
Capitalism is the economy of “cutting of heads”. It is an economic system that harvests the capital of humans – money – that which keeps them alive, and by cutting and chipping at their capital, it is like you are severing their roots with the earth, with life and leave them to die.
Capitalism is an aggressive and intrusive system. We do not need to gage ourselves in war for territory to expand empires. We use economy, we use debt to enslave everyone around us. It’s just a more sneaky and silent way. We all bought into to biggest scam in History – where we believe that Capitalism is that which raises our living standards and allows us to enjoy the luxuries in life. These ‘luxuries’ and ‘raised living standards’ are nothing but bribes to keep engaged in the current system and allow it to become our very lifestyle. It’s time to stop this corruption. While we pick the fruits of Capitalism the other half of our brothers and sisters of the human race are dying. We are putting them in that position, we are the ones keeping them in that spot.
Unless we change and take up the courage to implement change in our lives – innocent beings will keep on dying at the hands of our greed and cowardliness.
Investigate Equal Money.
The clock is ticking

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