The Beauty Industry – Where does all the HAIR come from?

In India it is a custom to make an offer to the gods. The pilgrims are settling a debt incurred by the god Vishnu. Those who do not have money, offer what ever else they have = their hair. The shaving happens in ‘Sacred’ Temples – which once a year have an auction. All corporations can put in a bid in an envelope – and whoever offered the highest amount gets all the hair!

This hair then gets shipped down to rich countries so that the elite can flaunt their ‘great hair’.
So who are they actually offering their hair to? The “gods”? Nope – MONEY.

And these are poor people, poor people shaving off their hair to please the gods so that maybe, maybe the gods will hear their prayer and make their life better. And then the Temple just fucking sells the hair for money. I mean, can’t you at least sell it for money and give all those people who shaved their hair a share of the money. No No – they sell the hair to the highest bidder (Temple makes money), the business processes the hair and sells it to hairsalons (Business makes even more money) and then the hair salons sell it to their clients for up to 3000! (They make the biggest money).

I mean that’s just so fucked up.

The Scarcity Fallacy

One of the main points that makes people 'back off' from hearing and being interested in an Equal Money System is the concept of scarcity. For some reason people think that because we speak of Equal Money that we hold the illusion that our resources are not limited/scarce.

What is actually happening in people's minds is that they've made an incorrect connection between scarcity and limitation. This connection has been quite cleverly placed by the way economists and the media write about resources. They will deliberately use the term 'scarce resources' and 'limited resources' interchangeably as if they mean the exact same thing – while they don’t – imprinting a false image of world affairs.

‘Scarce resources’ has got a connotation of there being a ‘shortage’ of a particular resource.
‘Limited resource’ simply means that the resources are not infinite.

The catch here is that now people immediately assume that because something is limited, that it therefore necessarily is scarce and that there is a ‘lack’ involved. This is however an incorrect presupposition as something that is ‘limited’ does not necessarily imply a shortage – something can be limited but still be ‘enough’ or be present in abundance.

This is how the current Capitalistic System is being justified, where inequality is simply ‘inevitable’ due to our “scarce resources”.
However, if we have a look around, we can observe a world of decadence where things such as golden toilet seats, diamond padded vacuum cleaners, decadent houses, cars – etc. exist. And another world where a few billion people are living in a chronic state of poverty and starvation.

Walk into any mall or shopping centre and see how many totally completely useless products get produced in the name of profit and capitalism. If we live in a world where resources are scarce – is it not simply irresponsible to spend our majority of resource on these products which are not necessary for our subsistence, but only here for our entertainment?

Be responsible, Educate Yourself – Investigate Equal Money

It should be rather obvious that you cannot come up with solutions such as ‘bailing a county out’ in an already inherently, dysfunctional system.
Our Monetary System is a machine with sharp edged blades, cutting each and everyone that comes into contact with it. It destroys rather than support. So instead of putting a plaster on the gaping wounds (as that is what this bailout is) we should rather look at the origin point that is causing the problems in the first case – which is the starting point of everything = Our Current Economic System.
So yes, bailing out Greece was never going to work, it was merely an attempt to postpone the inevitable. In our System, there will always be the sucker, the loser – there has to be, otherwise there can be no Winners. And more will come, and more will suffer....unless we stop.
I mean – how many more of these scenarios do we have to go through we before we get it?
How many more people must suffer by our greed and Matter Freestubbornness?
This world is not a nice place to live in, but we have all the means and technology available to make it paradise! Wouldn’t it be great if each and every single person would experience the suffering of humanity, the animal and plant kingdom collectively? That way everyone would sure get their asses up and running to make a change until there is NO ONE SUFFERING.
Unfortunately, everyone lives in their own little bubble only minding and caring about their own lives. Maybe that is why Mother Earth has been shaking lately – trying the shake us and wake us the hell up!
Stop your apathy – check out Equal Money!     

Artwork by Matti Freeman

South Africa, a Nation Born from Capitalism

Within my History module for this semester I'm reading through how South Africa was colonised.
What's interesting is that South Africa was never colonized from a perspective of 'expanding' some countries empire from a territorial perspective. In the 1650's the Dutch were into trading with the East with their Vereenigd Oost-Indische Compagnie. The VOC (the company) was only interested in maximising profit like any other business, and it seemed like a good idea to them to set up a refreshment station at the Cape since it was located midway their trading route. So the only reason and intention they had when setting foot in SA were the principles of Capitalism.

From there it just kind of spiraled out, and tada SA was born. So there's really no point to 'blame' anyone for having "invaded" South Africa, because the only thing that happened was that people were following the mechanics and logic of Capitalism, which is exactly what everyone is still doing in South Africa. They're now just invading other people their lives instead of huge territories and keep them enslaved through a system of debt.
Nothing has ever changed, we are still playing out the exact same capitalistic imperial game. Now we do not longer physically 'invade' countries, no, no need for that. We simply use some sneaky economic tricks and get a silent war on.

We can only stop this silent war with an Equal Money System -- the only system that will break the gap between the poor and the rich and allow for everyone's needs be taken care of.