Man Arrested For Selling Wife’s Body Parts

The Article:
Tanzanian police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to sell his wife’s body parts to an undercover police officer.
Authorities say he confessed Friday to killing his wife and attempting to sell her head, breast and genitals because he learned of a demand for body parts in the Shinynga area.
Police were tipped off by bank guards who spotted the man with a plastic bag that he said contained pork.
They say the suspect will undergo an psychiatric exam before his trial.

How much more clearer can it get? Our current Monetary System is getting people to kill their wives, chopping them into pieces so he can get money for the organs and body parts.
The only entity that requires a ‘psychiatric evaluation’ is our freaking Money System.
If you had a person who had 50 people locked up in a room and gave 1 of them all the food and luxuries you can imagine and let the other 49 starve to death without a blink – you’d want that person to get a psychiatric evaluation right?  Cause I mean, that’s just fucked up!
Yet – that’s exactly what we are allowing to exist through our participation and support of the current Capitalistic System that is in place.
Let’s stop this insanity – Let’s Vote for an Equal Money System!

Inflation Rates, Are they to be Trusted?

A short article in Farmer’s Weekly raised an interesting point: The Inflation Rates presented to us, can they be trusted?

The writer of the article gave the example of an incident where the water bills that residents in Jo’burg received were simply outrageous – and that the high amount was apparently due to ‘inflation factors’. The actual story was that the company that the municipality had hired (and already paid) to manage and draw up all the water bills fucked out along with the money – and the municipality had to hire a new firm that they now had to pay again... and for which the residents had to pay the price.

The inflation rates in this case were used as an excuse to demand outrageous amounts of money from residents to pay for “water” and to present an image of ‘scarceness’ (read = the fuck up of the municipality).

What numbers that are presented to us can be trusted? Are the resources really scarce or is it just a false representation for the sake of profit?

Stop Corruption, Stop Inefficiency, Vote for Equal Money!

The Principle of Economy... Or what it Ought to Be

The other day I was watching one of the DVD’s that goes with my Economy module for this Semester and an interesting point opened up.
The guy in the video was explaining how the ‘basic’ Principle of Economy in essence works with three point:
1.     We have a certain amount of limited resources.
2.     There’s a certain amount of Beings that require these resources
3.     How do we get those resources to those Beings?
But now the interesting thing is that in real life this is not really how it works.
Instead it follows the following Principe:
1.     We have a certain amount of limited resources
2.     There’s a certain amount of Beings that require these resources
3.     Not everyone can pay for these resources
4.     How do we get the resources to the people that can pay for the resources
So – we’re not looking at basic common sense practicality where you know if a child were to set up an economy it would look at “okay how much is there of this, there’s so many that need it, how do I get to there’. That seems to be the most simply way of dealing with the situation.
Though in reality this is not how it is applied . No, instead we’re playing a game of win and lose where if you have money you are part of the winners and if you have none well then you’re not even a loser, you don’t even have the privilege to ‘play’ the game.
So how did it get this far that we allow basic points such as the allocation of basic resources that everyone needs be directed by only money. Why does money decide where what goes? Why can’t we just decide from a starting point of Common Sense and what is best for all?
Obviously the solution is already outlined in the initial principle mentioned – but since we are in a current World System that works with Money to move every single point – the only possible way to correct this “mistake” is to give everyone Equal Money! Because – if everyone has Equal Money then everyone can access the Basic Resources = Problem solved!
Also – if we have a look at the current System and what our “limited resources” are being used for = it’s a whole lot of bunch of CRAP: technology with an expiry date, shoes that fall apart in a matter of months, clothes that look pretty but require a manual for you to know how to put it on, make up, shampoo, food that is not food – basically most of the things that you see in your everyday mall are products of consumerism that support the profit making money game. They have no other practical use whatsoever.
So instead of moaning about ‘our limited resources’ and ‘we’re gonna have to up the prices, because the resources are getting more scarce’ – we should have a look at what we are spending our precious resources on and if it is really worth it. Because if I look at all the crap in this world that is being produced – 98% is all just for profit – where foods are being produced in masses and get thrown away, where there’s hundreds and thousands of designs and brands for a single object, just so you can have your ‘choice’. It’s too much and we don’t need it.
So Imagine in an Equal Money System, where we stop wasting our resources on useless crap – just imagine what is possible and what future we can secure for those still to come.
Support Effective Use of Resources - Support an Equal Money System!