War on Drugs Creates More Crime – Equal Money & DIP is Solution

When the Government of a country ‘declares War on Drugs’ it will try and prevent the production and especially import of Drugs within the borders of its country.
How does this practically affect the ‘free market forces’ in the economic system?
Prices are set in relation to supply / demand. If there is a high demand for a particular product or service, the people that are ‘demanding’ this, will ‘compete’ with each other in the form of accepting higher price rates. The ‘value’ of any given product/service will also be dependent on the availability of the particular good.

So – if we look at the scenario before War was declared on drugs, you’d have a particular stream of supply coming into the country and according to the demand it will be set on a price accordingly.
Because the demand for drugs is high, and the fact that drugs is a ‘habit forming’ product – the demand for drugs is very inelastic (inelastic = there will not be a big change in demand if one changes the price of the product, elastic would be if you for instance increase the price of a product and it has a drastic effect on the demand of the product  - this is not the case with drugs which means that they can pretty much ask any price and the consumer will try and pay that price).

So now the Government has declared War on Drugs and ‘less’ drugs comes into the country. This implies that the supply has diminished which means that the product is now more ‘scarce’ while the demand remains exactly the same.

This ‘supply shortage’ in turn translates into a ‘higher value’ of the product and the Prices go sky high. But now the demand is still exactly the same. But if one now wants to get hands on drugs, they have to come up with more money which results in more crime!
So nothing has been solved at all, at best things have just gotten worse because they exact same condition is still present but now there’s extra crime happening to be able to pay up for the drugs.
The truth is that there is no possible solution within our current economic system to truly effectively deal with a problem such as Drug Abuse & Profiteering. Because ‘Profiteering’ is what our current Economic System is all about and it implies that for someone to win there must be someone losing. In essence you could say that our System Promotes Drug Abuse & Profiteering because it uses the exact methods that defines our System.
So if you have a look at Drugs there are two main points that come to the fore in terms of consideration. The first one is on the side of the consumer and pertains to the reason of Drug Consumption. The other point lies on the side of the supplier whom is obviously in the Game because of Profit.
If we look at reasons why people use drugs we can boil it down to a general ‘dissatisfaction’ with their life. Whether it is boredom, depression, wanting to have ‘fun’ (indicating a lack of fun and adventure) – it is always some sort of dissatisfaction or lack. So if we want to ‘tackle’ the demand, we have to take on this reason, this dissatisfaction. The most effective proposal to deal with such a point would be an Education Process such as the Desteni I Process. The Desteni I Process deals with one’s inner reality and pushes for the taking of self-responsibility and living a fulfilling life.
This would very effectively deal with Drug Addiction as has already been proven by many who have walked the Desteni I Process. A list of reference is given at the end of this post. Check out their blogs to see how they deal with their reality and work towards a fulfilling, self-empowering and satisfactory life for themselves.

If we now look at the other side of the coin where we are dealing with making money – the only effective Solution is the immediate implementation of an Equal Money System. Why? Because our Current Money System does not provide for all Equally. It is a System out of Balance that provides for the few who have in abundance and ensures that this abundance only grows for which the majority who do not have “pay the price”.
Those who do not have live a miserable life while the rich live on their expense. This gives those who are in an unfortunate position an incentive to either a) become drug consumers to numb the pain of their existence or to b) to use drugs as a product to sell so they can get money to survive within this world. This need then turns into Greed as the fear of ending up in a position with no support it just to horrid to even think of.
An Equal Money System in contrast, is a System of care and everyone’s physical needs are taken care of. There is no condition of survival prevailing where people find the need to exploit others in order to survive. In addition the profit motive is taken away as Profit will not be non-existent within an Equal Money System which eliminates the enticement to start a drug business. There is no need to turn to drugs to numb you life experience as you are supported to LIVE and explore life instead. Thus – the Equal Money System dealing with one’s external reality, deals with the Money point whilst the DIP deals with one’s inner reality and self-empowerment. Together they are the perfect team =).

Here are but a few who stand as a living example of actual absolute change within stopping drug consumption & addiction. Visit their blogs as a living testimony of how they will change into their lives.  To find out more about an Equal Money System visit: www.equalmoney.org  . For more info on the Desteni I Process visit www.desteniiprocess.com

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Profit and Self-Interest is that which lies at the very core of our Current Economic System.
It is the very baseline of any equation from which economical mechanisms are derived from.
It is the venom that seeps through every inch of our society of which no-one remains unaffected.

It’s a venom that kills.

*Beep*                                   * Beep*              uuuugh..................

Our Economy falls back on two basic ‘powers’ / ‘laws’ interacting with each other:
                1. I want to sell stuff expensive so I can get lots of money
                2. I want to buy stuff cheap cause I want to have lots of money

(These two are the trademark of Capitalism and Free Market)
But now – just looking at these two points together, it is obvious that you cannot have both happening at the same time. For example: You want cheap milk, but they only want to sell you expensive milk – both parties want to score.
 So even though this is not practically possible – these are the rules the Economy lives by.
Now, these two essentially self-interested laws, make up ‘Supply’ and ‘Demand’ (first one being supply [giving], second one demand [receiving]).

And even though these ‘laws’ have no practical consideration whatsoever - but the one for profit – it is accepted and enforced as status quo.
So we have established that both two ‘laws’ are drenched in self-interest  - and ‘combat’ each other.  But the combat between these forces creates a ‘vacuum’ – as both of these points are just eating up all the money – and these vacuums are then represented by manifestations such as poverty and scarcity.
Now – people start complaining and when the moaning starts getting to the Government they feel that maybe they should do something about it.

The Government will then implement some rules to try and create some sort of balance so that the poor people don’t get too angry and get it in their heads to maybe revolt against the government.

These rules can take the form of for instance protecting moaning Farmers by setting a particular minimum price for their goods. This minimum price will be above the ‘equilibrium price’ [*the equilibrium price is where supply perfectly meets demand,  there’s no excess or shortage. For example, a farmer supplies 50 000 litres of milk at the local town market – at a particular price – and at this price all of his milk is bought. There is no excess but also no shortage of milk. ]

By setting a minimum price that is above the equilibrium price (at the price that people are willing to pay) -  an excess supply is created because people don’t want to buy the expensive stuff!

So if the Farmer now for instance sells his milk at 3 euros a litre - less milk is going to be bought, and there’s going to be many litres left unsold.

 So the higher the price – the less people will buy it (can buy it) which means = less people have food. So now okay, the farmers get some extra cash but now we’ve created a new problem as more people are without food. On top of that, we’re still sitting with all this excess of supply (the unsold milk) that’s just lying around, and now the Government’s got to get rid of it. If they give the food to the poor people then they’re not gonna buy the food on the market and then the farmer’s not going to get their money and then the whole minimum price thing was useless from the beginning. And obviously the Governments Ego cannot admit to that, so then they rather buy the food with TAX MONEY (yes that’s right, they take your money so now you’re still losing) and then destroy the excess supply.
I mean – if you look at it – it’s really pretty freaking insane right? I mean, twenty first century? Evolution?  LMAO
Then there is minimum wages / basic income!
The people’s gone moaning again and the government feels it should respond to this threat (yes threat instead of common sense responsibility – in our world literally EVERYTHING is in reverse).
So now the government goes ‘Let us implement minimum wages/basic income!’ – because they see that people are complaining because they are looking rather skinny and beaten up by their slave labour.

 Because remember:  BUY CHEAP – SELL EXPENSIVE. This translates into PAY PEOPLE CHEAP (buying labour) – SELL THE STUFF THEY MAKE EXPENSIVE – KEEP MONEY IN MY BIG FAT POCKETS. That’s how we’ve designed our system.
Back to the Government – so now they implement ‘minimum wages’ – which is really the same principle as setting a minimum price for the farmers. Corporations do not want to buy expensive labour [it is seen as ‘expensive’ because this minimum wage is above the ‘equilibrium wage’ where supply & demand meet (because people will do anything to gain some money to survive, so they are willing to work for almost nothing)]. So Corporations have to now implement this minimum wage – but they don’t want to spend that amount of money.
As a result they start firing and cutting back on their staff. Which results in more people being unemployed – but heeeey at least those few people who have a job get a minimum wage, right? Yay? No?
So the very people the government is “trying to help” are the ones that end up being off worse. As you have seen from the examples, you either end up without food and/or without a job.  And the knowledge that these type of interventions are absolutely not effective – is Economy 101, it is one of the first things you learn in studying economy, imagine what else we might encounter down the road!!
And then obviously if one tries to look at other ‘solutions’ = there are none. Each move you will do that approaches ‘care’ will be catastrophically as what the System breathes in and out is Self-Interest. It is repulsed by ‘care’ and will simply spit out anything that is not serving Profit & Self-Interest.  Thus there are no possible solutions within our current system. As long as we want to create / provide solutions within the current framework of our Economic System = it is going to fail.
Because as the very Starting Point of our System is that of Self-Interest – it will only cherish and harvest that singular point. There is simply no space for anything else. It is a Formula, an Equation which is not Equal [and for an equation to be effective there must be EQUAlity, you know EQUA-TION it is implied in the word]. So no matter what you place into the formula – it will always end up in disaster as that is the way it’s been designed.

So understand that when you read or hear things in relation to Equal Money Solutions – that we are talking about a whole new system, a whole new formula – it is beyond our current system, it’s a whole new world! Because, we cannot save our current system, it is done for.
So if you can see , just like me the absolute fucked-up-ness of our current Monetary and Economic System – Investigate Equal Money! It is the only solution !!!

I am One Vote for an Equal Money System!

Within this Blog I will be addressing issues with regards to our Current Economic System and provide Solutions within the context of an Equal Money System.
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Pain is not the only thing it Kills – Vultures Die Too

In India the Vulture population has declined by 99%.Upon investigation it turned out that the cause of this drastic decline was within the food the vultures were consuming.
One of their food supplies are the carcasses of deceased livestock. Many of these cows were treated with a painkiller/anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac.
They die – the drug stays in their system – the vultures eat the corpse – the vultures get it in their system...and die of kidney failure.The drug has been banned – but it may still take years before all the ones that were already in circulation get out. Will the remaining 1% hold?
How has such a fuck-up come about? The only way this type of side-effect and inconsideration can come about is when the animal their best interest is not taken into account.
Because – this veterinary drug is supposed to 'help animals' as in treating livestock – no-one took into consideration the possible outcome if any of these carcasses get eaten.Which inherently shows that the drug was not manufactured taking into consideration 'the animals' – but only the depth of the Humans their pockets.
In an Equal Money System – this would not happen. We would not only start taking into considerations the animals as a whole once they're all almost dead.
Vote for an Equal Money System – Vote for a System of Consideration of All Life


The Birds are Dying

With climate changes the birds are put in a vulnerable position. With the estimate projections and estimations of coming climate changes, some bird species are expected to decrease drastically, and in some cases even go completely extinct.

Birds are tied to particular environments for their food intake and breeding process. With climate changes, birds that were used to low lands are forced to move to higher grounds, where it is a bit fresher – to get back to a temperature that they are used to. Though, not all birds are flexible to adapt to new environments with different vegetation/foods available for them – and thus will be likely to die. Another implication of this 'moving to higher grounds'; is that less and less terrain becomes available for the birds. This is just simply geometrics. So as climate keeps on changing, the birds will be forced to move higher and higher – until there is nowhere else to go.
This terrain reduction also decreases birds their survival chances.

When the birds get to the point of breeding, they are ineffective. The little amount of birds that do hatch, are likely to get eaten by the parents to be able to survive.

The consequences of what we've accepted and allowed to manifest in this world are starting to creep out and show its head.
We always thought that'd we'd never have to face the consequences – but they are now knocking on the door. Centuries of abuse is now taking its toll and we can no longer accept and allow to postpone taking responsibility. The birds are already suffering. The least we can do is make food available for them where we can – and stop the current system of madness that is killing each and every single living thing on earth.

It is not too late – Let's Vote for an Equal Money System!