R100 Million Flop Festival

R100 Million Flop Festival

“The event was held at the Tshwane Events Centre in Pretoria in December with the theme: “Let's defeat imperialism for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation”.”
“The NYDA said it had expected about 30,000 people to attend, but on Tuesday Lungisa said that 15,000 people had attended, of whom 7000 were from abroad.”
Why waste R100 000 000 on a freaking Festival ‘about’ something instead of investing your money in something actual that will actually implement and bring forth the change that so many like to talk about? And remember – this is taxpayers money.
In a society where half the population is unemployed and living in poverty – you’d think one would reconsider their priorities.

I mean: Festival for 15 000 people  or   Invest in Basic Living Requirements for everyone using everyone’s money......
Hmmmm, yes, difficult decision,.... but I think the right side is weighing down just that little bit more you know.
In an Equal Money System these type of decisions would not have to be made because the priorities are set. This would not even be open for debate. Unless all Basic Living Requirements are satisfied and being maintained – the thought of throwing millions at a festival should be far, far, faaaaaar away (and so should the reckless parties of corrupt politicians).


Desteni said...

In the EMS these type of jokes won't exist anymore indeed - thanks Leila !

Ann said...

Hey Leila, did you paint that ?

Leila said...

No Ann, I found it through Google images - it came from this website:

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