The Birds are Dying

With climate changes the birds are put in a vulnerable position. With the estimate projections and estimations of coming climate changes, some bird species are expected to decrease drastically, and in some cases even go completely extinct.

Birds are tied to particular environments for their food intake and breeding process. With climate changes, birds that were used to low lands are forced to move to higher grounds, where it is a bit fresher – to get back to a temperature that they are used to. Though, not all birds are flexible to adapt to new environments with different vegetation/foods available for them – and thus will be likely to die. Another implication of this 'moving to higher grounds'; is that less and less terrain becomes available for the birds. This is just simply geometrics. So as climate keeps on changing, the birds will be forced to move higher and higher – until there is nowhere else to go.
This terrain reduction also decreases birds their survival chances.

When the birds get to the point of breeding, they are ineffective. The little amount of birds that do hatch, are likely to get eaten by the parents to be able to survive.

The consequences of what we've accepted and allowed to manifest in this world are starting to creep out and show its head.
We always thought that'd we'd never have to face the consequences – but they are now knocking on the door. Centuries of abuse is now taking its toll and we can no longer accept and allow to postpone taking responsibility. The birds are already suffering. The least we can do is make food available for them where we can – and stop the current system of madness that is killing each and every single living thing on earth.

It is not too late – Let's Vote for an Equal Money System!






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