Man Arrested For Selling Wife’s Body Parts

The Article:
Tanzanian police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to sell his wife’s body parts to an undercover police officer.
Authorities say he confessed Friday to killing his wife and attempting to sell her head, breast and genitals because he learned of a demand for body parts in the Shinynga area.
Police were tipped off by bank guards who spotted the man with a plastic bag that he said contained pork.
They say the suspect will undergo an psychiatric exam before his trial.

How much more clearer can it get? Our current Monetary System is getting people to kill their wives, chopping them into pieces so he can get money for the organs and body parts.
The only entity that requires a ‘psychiatric evaluation’ is our freaking Money System.
If you had a person who had 50 people locked up in a room and gave 1 of them all the food and luxuries you can imagine and let the other 49 starve to death without a blink – you’d want that person to get a psychiatric evaluation right?  Cause I mean, that’s just fucked up!
Yet – that’s exactly what we are allowing to exist through our participation and support of the current Capitalistic System that is in place.
Let’s stop this insanity – Let’s Vote for an Equal Money System!


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