Inflation Rates, Are they to be Trusted?

A short article in Farmer’s Weekly raised an interesting point: The Inflation Rates presented to us, can they be trusted?

The writer of the article gave the example of an incident where the water bills that residents in Jo’burg received were simply outrageous – and that the high amount was apparently due to ‘inflation factors’. The actual story was that the company that the municipality had hired (and already paid) to manage and draw up all the water bills fucked out along with the money – and the municipality had to hire a new firm that they now had to pay again... and for which the residents had to pay the price.

The inflation rates in this case were used as an excuse to demand outrageous amounts of money from residents to pay for “water” and to present an image of ‘scarceness’ (read = the fuck up of the municipality).

What numbers that are presented to us can be trusted? Are the resources really scarce or is it just a false representation for the sake of profit?

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