Starter Kit to Kill your Parrot

And the animal industry keeps being full of surprises.

The other day at the petstore I saw they had a new product, a starter kit for parrots!

Me and Gian had a look at the kit and could see that all things inside the package were actually the very things that are a "No go" for parrots, So later when we were back home I told Bernard about it, he commented that it made sense from a capitalistic perspective --  since the ultimate goal of any business is to maximize profit, the business benefits if its product breaks early (or die in this case) so that the same product can be resold over and over again!

While some parrots can live up to 80 years in captivity, most of them die within 5 years of purchase.

In essence they are doing the same type of sabotaging as with any other type of technology that has a limited warranty. And all of this is seen as 'logic' and 'justified' just because we've been so conditioned to the ways of capitalism.

It's time to wake up from this circus -


Anonymous said...

I was looking at "frog starter kits" the other day, and in the instructions it describes to you the items you will "need" for the vivarium/ creature container. One of the items listed made me raise an eyebrow: "Do I really "NEeeed" to specifically have specified forms of plastic plants in my frog cage?" -like, do I really "need" to have both fake moss and fake shrubs?-- I could hardly believe it. Its humiliating that humanity has been reduced to the state where we find the need to cruelly dispose of little animals and screw one another out of 5 bucks for fake moss.

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