Capitalism – A Deadly Disease

When I was young I always wondered why our current economic system was called ‘Capitalism”. From the vocabulary I had back then, I thought it had to do something with “the economy of cutting off heads” [from decapitating and ‘capital city’ which in Dutch would be translated as ‘Head City’]. This first impression of the word has never really left me – and 10 years later I find that I was not far away from the truth.
Capitalism is the economy of “cutting of heads”. It is an economic system that harvests the capital of humans – money – that which keeps them alive, and by cutting and chipping at their capital, it is like you are severing their roots with the earth, with life and leave them to die.
Capitalism is an aggressive and intrusive system. We do not need to gage ourselves in war for territory to expand empires. We use economy, we use debt to enslave everyone around us. It’s just a more sneaky and silent way. We all bought into to biggest scam in History – where we believe that Capitalism is that which raises our living standards and allows us to enjoy the luxuries in life. These ‘luxuries’ and ‘raised living standards’ are nothing but bribes to keep engaged in the current system and allow it to become our very lifestyle. It’s time to stop this corruption. While we pick the fruits of Capitalism the other half of our brothers and sisters of the human race are dying. We are putting them in that position, we are the ones keeping them in that spot.
Unless we change and take up the courage to implement change in our lives – innocent beings will keep on dying at the hands of our greed and cowardliness.
Investigate Equal Money.
The clock is ticking

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