How do we prevent corruption? -- FAQ

The first step to prevent corruption would actually be the step to implement an Equal Money System. Corruption currently strives in the system due to extensive abuse, exploitation and separation that has been allowed between those who have and those who have not.

It stems from the fear of not having, of having been abandoned and banished by the system. The accumulation of wealth then moves from being a point of survival to a point of absolute obsession – equal to the absolute artificial ‘lack’ that has been created and allowed within this world. Since corruption and greed sprout from fear for one’s survival, we can safely say that the main motivator for corruption will be eliminated through the establishment of an Equal Money System, as everyone’s basic needs will be taken care of on the basis  of Life – and not on the basis of how much money you have in your pocket.

Understandably there will still be beings that will try and attempt to abuse the system as this point of greed and corruption has been sown into the very nature of human beings. This nature will not change overnight, and within this consideration there will be a tight monitoring system in place in terms of how all the information and resources move in order to prevent, identify and intervene in cases of corruption if necessary. Those who have shown to have fallen for the corruption temptation will go through a process of rehabilitation to ensure the correction of one’s mind set and thus future behaviour.

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