Greece’s Bailout a Failure – Surprise?

It should be rather obvious that you cannot come up with solutions such as ‘bailing a county out’ in an already inherently, dysfunctional system.
Our Monetary System is a machine with sharp edged blades, cutting each and everyone that comes into contact with it. It destroys rather than support. So instead of putting a plaster on the gaping wounds (as that is what this bailout is) we should rather look at the origin point that is causing the problems in the first case – which is the starting point of everything = Our Current Economic System.
So yes, bailing out Greece was never going to work, it was merely an attempt to postpone the inevitable. In our System, there will always be the sucker, the loser – there has to be, otherwise there can be no Winners. And more will come, and more will suffer....unless we stop.
I mean – how many more of these scenarios do we have to go through we before we get it?
How many more people must suffer by our greed and Matter Freestubbornness?
This world is not a nice place to live in, but we have all the means and technology available to make it paradise! Wouldn’t it be great if each and every single person would experience the suffering of humanity, the animal and plant kingdom collectively? That way everyone would sure get their asses up and running to make a change until there is NO ONE SUFFERING.
Unfortunately, everyone lives in their own little bubble only minding and caring about their own lives. Maybe that is why Mother Earth has been shaking lately – trying the shake us and wake us the hell up!
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Artwork by Matti Freeman


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