The Scarcity Fallacy

One of the main points that makes people 'back off' from hearing and being interested in an Equal Money System is the concept of scarcity. For some reason people think that because we speak of Equal Money that we hold the illusion that our resources are not limited/scarce.

What is actually happening in people's minds is that they've made an incorrect connection between scarcity and limitation. This connection has been quite cleverly placed by the way economists and the media write about resources. They will deliberately use the term 'scarce resources' and 'limited resources' interchangeably as if they mean the exact same thing – while they don’t – imprinting a false image of world affairs.

‘Scarce resources’ has got a connotation of there being a ‘shortage’ of a particular resource.
‘Limited resource’ simply means that the resources are not infinite.

The catch here is that now people immediately assume that because something is limited, that it therefore necessarily is scarce and that there is a ‘lack’ involved. This is however an incorrect presupposition as something that is ‘limited’ does not necessarily imply a shortage – something can be limited but still be ‘enough’ or be present in abundance.

This is how the current Capitalistic System is being justified, where inequality is simply ‘inevitable’ due to our “scarce resources”.
However, if we have a look around, we can observe a world of decadence where things such as golden toilet seats, diamond padded vacuum cleaners, decadent houses, cars – etc. exist. And another world where a few billion people are living in a chronic state of poverty and starvation.

Walk into any mall or shopping centre and see how many totally completely useless products get produced in the name of profit and capitalism. If we live in a world where resources are scarce – is it not simply irresponsible to spend our majority of resource on these products which are not necessary for our subsistence, but only here for our entertainment?

Be responsible, Educate Yourself – Investigate Equal Money


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