The Beauty Industry – Where does all the HAIR come from?

In India it is a custom to make an offer to the gods. The pilgrims are settling a debt incurred by the god Vishnu. Those who do not have money, offer what ever else they have = their hair. The shaving happens in ‘Sacred’ Temples – which once a year have an auction. All corporations can put in a bid in an envelope – and whoever offered the highest amount gets all the hair!

This hair then gets shipped down to rich countries so that the elite can flaunt their ‘great hair’.
So who are they actually offering their hair to? The “gods”? Nope – MONEY.

And these are poor people, poor people shaving off their hair to please the gods so that maybe, maybe the gods will hear their prayer and make their life better. And then the Temple just fucking sells the hair for money. I mean, can’t you at least sell it for money and give all those people who shaved their hair a share of the money. No No – they sell the hair to the highest bidder (Temple makes money), the business processes the hair and sells it to hairsalons (Business makes even more money) and then the hair salons sell it to their clients for up to 3000! (They make the biggest money).

I mean that’s just so fucked up.


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