South Africa, a Nation Born from Capitalism

Within my History module for this semester I'm reading through how South Africa was colonised.
What's interesting is that South Africa was never colonized from a perspective of 'expanding' some countries empire from a territorial perspective. In the 1650's the Dutch were into trading with the East with their Vereenigd Oost-Indische Compagnie. The VOC (the company) was only interested in maximising profit like any other business, and it seemed like a good idea to them to set up a refreshment station at the Cape since it was located midway their trading route. So the only reason and intention they had when setting foot in SA were the principles of Capitalism.

From there it just kind of spiraled out, and tada SA was born. So there's really no point to 'blame' anyone for having "invaded" South Africa, because the only thing that happened was that people were following the mechanics and logic of Capitalism, which is exactly what everyone is still doing in South Africa. They're now just invading other people their lives instead of huge territories and keep them enslaved through a system of debt.
Nothing has ever changed, we are still playing out the exact same capitalistic imperial game. Now we do not longer physically 'invade' countries, no, no need for that. We simply use some sneaky economic tricks and get a silent war on.

We can only stop this silent war with an Equal Money System -- the only system that will break the gap between the poor and the rich and allow for everyone's needs be taken care of.


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