Inflation & Corruption within an Equal Money System

Here is a response I made to a question asked on the Equal Money Forum:

1. You defined following: "all money being issued has the nature of a loan with interest". And yes, the banks are the worst factor in all dealings concerning money. This can be controlled although banks should probably die out (at least banks as we know them). The problem is that your definition is not throughly correct. When you print money you have inflation, but not only because interest rates are lower and interest rate is the price of money, but also due to the fact that so called "aggregate prices" go up. By that I mean literally prices of all goods (in general). When the prices are higher you can buy less with the same amount of money. This means that the system should have a very high control (just like a monetery expanisive politic should have). Control is the main problem in today's world. This ALWAYS lead to corruption. What are your ideas and, possibly, strategies on solving this problem?

You are correct, banks and loans are not the only factor in causing inflation – the inflation problem is caused by multiple factors. What these factors do have in common is that they all in some way or another are linked to unbalanced mathematical equations (such as asking interest on a loan and creating money out of nothing). In essence, inflation is mostly a symptom of our current economic and monetary system. Since the Equal Money System will be based and operating on whole new set of principles and thus a whole not set of equations which will actually be balanced – inflation as a symptom will disappear.
Any type of monetary policy is currently only an attempt at postponing the inevitable. The current system is based on an incorrect equation, where the two sided “don’t add up”. All monetary policies are doing now is trying to monitor and manipulate the outflows of this dysfunctional system with new equations – but they can never truly fix it – because the very initial equation the system is based on, is unbalanced and doomed to spiral out into massive disproportion. Inflation should thus cancel itself out in an Equal Money System.

The same can be said about greed – greed is mostly a cause and symptom arising from a dysfunctional, out-of-proportion system. Due to extensive polarity and extremities where society and its peoples are divided between an extreme line of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Greed, having “a lot”, wanting abundance only stems forth from the polarity opposite of massive lack. People want more and will accept bribes because there is no security within our current system. If you don’t play by the rules or you are simply ‘unlucky’ – the system will simply disregard you and you will be left with nothing. It’s this constant insecurity, not knowing what will happen, knowing that any time you can be left with nothing, knowing that there are so many people who already have nothing – that drives people to want more to satiate and drench their inner fear and anxiety. The current system is the creator and supporter of Greed through not providing an actual platform of support for Human Beings, where living Life is self-evident and where each one receives the tools and resources to do so.
Obviously greed will not disappear overnight and will still stick up its head from time to time – but it should be nowhere near as problematic as it is currently, and will be dealt with in terms of re-education of those who participate within it.

2. You declare that people will do jobs when they find out they are necessary. But how would you deal with jobs that nobody want to do, except for money. Like dealing with waste (garbage)?

As you can read on the home page under the FAQ, jobs which are absolutely vital to human survival and support will be placed within the 4 year conscription. Basically after one is done with their primary stage of education, each will participate for a duration of 4 years within a labour program which tends to all the jobs and tasks that need to be done to keep the basics of society running. This is an educational period where one learns about the know-hows of what is involved in terms of keeping humans sustained (which a lot of people take for granted at the moment); as well a first experience and introduction to the labour side of the Equal Money System. Just like any other job someone would take on, one will receive remuneration for the job done. The conscription point is simply a point of equality – everyone has certain basic needs that need to be taken cared of, everyone can contribute to this equally.


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