Equal Money System Q&A – “what if I need so much physical help when I'm old that I can't pay with the equal money I get per month”

Understand that within the Equal Money System, where you receive your basic income on a monthly basis for your basic needs – that this “Equal Money” does not imply “the same amount of money for everyone”. 

Equal Money implies that everyone has the same right to life and that everyone bears equal value as life. This does not mean that everyone is the same and that there is ‘one amount’ that will fit each and everyone. Basic needs will differ from person to person – from context to context – but are all equal in that they are basic needs
Hence, if you are an elder person within society and have “more needs” that require to be attended than for example an average healthy 24 year old – then this will be reflected within the Equal Money credits you receive as your basic income.

Not being able to pay for the attendance of your physical needs due to old age will therefore not be an existing concern.

In short: There is no fixed amount that each one will receive. Each one’s situation will be assessed individually and each one’s Equal Money Income will be a function of their individual basic needs.


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