The Need to Cheat

Throughout my research on the Monetary System and studying economy, I’ve observed a fascinating pattern that humans seem to not be able to stay away from, which is: The Need to Cheat.

Whenever a system is working fine and everything is operational, there is always someone, someone who wants to deviate from the system and the rules of the game to make things ‘go faster’, ‘better’ and ‘for him only’. Like for instance the goldsmith who realised no one ever comes and claims all their gold at the same time and then invented the beginning of fractional reserve banking. Then, by the time everyone realises what happens, the whole system has become dependent on this ‘cheat’ to make things ‘better’ – and ends up legalizing it and even make it a custom.

Throughout my economy textbook there’s been so many moments where I go “they did it again!” where someone wants to make things go faster and wants to make more money and “cheats” the system. The thing with these ‘cheats’ is that they always only work for one person or one party only, while creating a polarity situation for the rest where they are off more miserably than before.

All these little ‘cheats’ then accumulate within the system, and overtime you have a giant monster of a system that is actually completely dysfunctional in nature due to all these cheats that have been implemented and accumulated. But obviously those in power do not want to put an end to this unsustainable and dysfunctional system that is bound to just explode into a million pieces, because they are the ones benefitting, they are the cheaters.
From the very first moment someone started with the first cheat, the whole system was bound to doom, because there was no more equality, no more balance within the equation. Instead it’s just a giant monster machine with a black hole in the centre that just sucks everything up into nothingness.

(What’s even more disgusting is that so many Western elitists currently and throughout histoy really get off on being able to cheat and “outsmart” everyone with their clever way of doing things and making money – as if this makes them someone better and superior than everyone else, while all they are doing is just showing what lowlifes they are with no sense of integrity or respect for anyone else.)

What does this imply? It implies that the end of the system was already placed a long time ago, and that no matter what happens, our current monetary system will end – there’s just no fixing it.
The only “choice” that we have in the matter is where we will take up our destiny in our own hands and stop this monster – or wait for the monster to finish us first before we come to the point of “enough” and think about implementing a change.

(It also means we gotta stop cheating in the name of our selfishness and greed and start acting from the principle of What is Best for All – anything else will just be another road to digging our own grave)

Don’t wait, be the change –


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