It’s Free!

The other day one of the comments I got on one of my videos went as following:

“Go educate yourself on KhanAcademy’s YouTube Channel, it won’t cost you a penny!”

And immediately as I read the comment, it struck me that there is actually not a single thing in existence which is “for free” – you or another will always pay in one way or another.

Let’s have a look at the statement this person made on my video, and what conditions would have to be present for me to “go and educate myself” on someone’s Youtube Channel.

Firstly, for me to go on this channel and ‘educate myself’, I would require to have internet.
In this world internet is not for free. So I would either be in a scenario where I have a home and within this home I have internet installed and I pay a monthly fee to be able to use this internet – or any other way that one can have internet at home. But, this implies that I have a home! A home with electricity for me to be able to run my computer or charge my laptop so that I would be able to run an internet browser – or I could have a cell phone with internet which still requires electricity and credit for me to access the internet.

So now we have already established that there is money involved in 1) Internet itself, 2) the pc, laptop or whatever device is used to run internet, 3) electricity to feed the device (and then there’s also rent\payment for house and a whole bunch of other things involved).

Now, let’s take worse case scenario and I don’t have a home - I am homeless - and the only way I can have access to internet is by going to a library or internetcafe which again requires money.

Now, considering that I am homeless and have nothing better to do than going to an internetcafe \ library would imply that I have a job and money – because if I did not have a job and no money I would not be wasting my time at an internetcafe \ library because I have more important things to do like keeping myself alive. And even if for instance the internet access at the library would be for free, you still require money, although indirectly, for you to be able to breathe, piss, shit (and where piss would imply having drunk something for you to be able to generate pee and for you to have eaten something for you to be able to generate poop which all need money).

So what is the bottomline: anything in this world costs money. Simply being alive costs money.
“Living” \ “Being Alive” and you being able to live your life is not something that is self-evident. Living, breathing is not a right but only a privilege to those who have money.

Does that mean…. YES! It means that our very economic and monetary system is in direct violation of Human Rights – and no-one sees it or does anything about it because we have become so conditioned to accept the world as it is.

Stop the violation - investigate Equal Money


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